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Villa Matarazzo is located in Fanano, the Marche hills, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, opposite the Castle of Gradara (PU), scene of the love story of Paolo and Francesca narrated by Dante Alighieri in the fifth canto of the Inferno. Added to the villa the beautiful natural scenery of a park of 30,000 square meters that dominates the whole Riviera.

On a clear day you can enjoy a unique view that goes from Ravenna to the nearby Gradara. Inland there is the view of Mount Carpegna and Mount Titano, the unmistakable shape that characterizes the Republic of San Marino. Land rich in traditions, culture and history of a medieval eventful of socio economic importance.


Villa Matarazzo is composed of several facilities located within the park: the Main House, the Casa Farneto and the Casetta Rossa connected to each other by a large cloister and stone-paved roads. The Manor House, surrounded by large terraces with panoramic sea view, hosts some of the guest rooms and meeting rooms that revolve around a romantic courtyard dominated by an ancient olive tree.

The main meeting place at Villa Matarazzo is the Hall Edoardo. Tastefully furnished with sofas and leather armchairs is suitable for the most diverse occasions: as a relaxing reading room or as discreet place for conversation, a lounge for business meetings to a meeting point for an important toast between friends. The turret of the Belvedere, accessed by a spiral staircase, is the highest panoramic viewpoint at Villa Matarazzo.

At Villa Matarazzo every day always starts in the Dining Room Boulevard from where you can admire the beauty of the surrounding park. Sipping a cup of coffee or enjoying a healthy breakfast you can enjoy moments of relaxation overlooking the sea and the gardens. Beautiful roses and green grass revolves around a romantic pomegranate centenary.

The interior of Villa Matarazzo has been entirely designed and manufactured by Frau, an Italian company leader in the sector.


The first news of the villa date back to the Middle Ages, when it is said that housed a convent of cloistered nuns.

In 1881 Francesco Matarazzo, from Naples emigrated to Brazil in search of fortune overseas. Good fortune smiles on him: he becomes wealthy landowner before, then canning industry, real estate developer and finally owner of entire neighborhoods of Brazilian cities. We are in the 20s , his son Edoardo, divides life and interests between Rome and Brazil. During Fascism, his father Francesco Matarazzo adheres to a great admirer of Mussolini, who was awarded of the gold medal of merit of the Opera Nazionale Balilla and Fascist card of honor. Even his title of count (granted by the King of Italy in 1917 in recognition of the services and works offered during the First World War) became hereditary appointment in 1926, during the government of Mussolini. In the 30s Edoardo marries Bianca Troise, daughter of the Governor of the Bank of Italy. Attracted by the beauty of Fanano, the couple bought the house owned by the fallen noble of Pesaro Sante Cinelli , to spend the summer holidays and then become their home until the death of the Conte in 1958. Oral histories collected by the inhabitants of Fanano remind the couple as beautiful, rich and generous, to the point that the entire area economically revolved around it: bricklayers, cooks , waitresses , the chauffeurs, gardeners, etc ...everybody was working at the villa. In 1934 the first daughter was born, Maria Grazia, and in 1936 the second daughter Claudia.

After the death of the Count the vila Fall into oblivion and total decay. Villa Matarazzo has been given a new life in the 90s with great love and passion by the Ranocchi family of Pesaro and converted into a residence of absolute prestige, joy to behold and a source of peace for the soul.

The name is of Roman origin Fanano: Fundus Fanianus, ie farm Fanio, perhaps an inhabitant of an ancient center of the pass of Siligata and Catholic. During the barbarian invasions, it is easy to assume that some people went up on this hill and founded the Castrum Fanani, the castle of Fanano, where the castle is equivalent to country. Starting then from the eleventh century until the fourteenth , the territory was taken over by the Archbishop of Ravenna, having inherited from the Byzantine Pentapolis.

With the advent of the Malatesta family history of Fanano merges with that of the most important Gradara , then moved to the Lords of the Sforza family , the Della Rovere and domination Pontifical (1631).

Fanano was the scene of clashes since located along the Gothic Line , which represented the last war front in Italy since August of '44 to April of '45.
At the center of Fanano is the ancient parish church , dating back to around 1200 and dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel.


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Villa Matarazzo

Hotel Villa Matarazzo is an exclusive 4 star hotel for your holidays, wedding location, congress center and conference hall for business meeting with 120 seats.

Surrounded by a great park, Villa Matarazzo is located between Rimini and Pesaro, a few steps from Adriatic Sea.

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